The story of a photographer

Hi there, and welcome. I am so happy you are here. My name is Eunice Crespo, and I am a fine art photographer.

From the moment I picked a camera 18 plus years ago, I fell in love with the way the world around me looked through the viewfinder. I first learned film photography in high school and completed several college classes after that. Eager to earn my own income, I jumped into the workforce and took a 5 year break from photography.

I always knew I would pick up my camera again, I just didn't know how amazing it would be the second time around. I have been self-taught since my return to the art of photography, attending workshops both in person and online, practicing every tip and trick.

Photography allows me to dive deep into the things that matter to me, like the seasonal beauty of nature. As a photographer, I aim to capture a refreshing perspective on subjects that can easily be overlooked in the daily busy mode lifestyle. If I could help the viewer see ordinary objects and ordinary places differently, in a way that excites them or brings pleasurable nostalgia to them, then I've done my job as a photo artist.

I am currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas with my future husband, his two awesome teenagers, and my calico cat Poppy.

Photo by Scott Alan photography