Flash exposure

This collection came to be because I was overly fixated with perfectly recreating photography that I saw on social media. I had taken a 5 year break from photography so I was rusty to the scene. I wanted to be great right away. I wanted to use the same techniques that other veteran photographers were using. The gear, the process, and sometimes even the subject matter, I would do my best to reverse engineer their images so that I could have a body of work like theirs. I was afraid of doing photography "wrong" and that I would be criticized by potential collectors and gallery curators. Then, one day, the thought came to me..."What if I do it wrong on purpose? What if I intentionally use my photography gear in the exact opposite way I had learned not to?" So this was the result, Flash Exposure. It's a small body of work but it's me facing my fear so that I can move on from the "what if's" and create art the way I see and feel it to be. 

My hope is that this body of work inspire you in some way to face a fear that has been holding you back.

01 / 07