The hike

This photograph is part of the Bermuda Series from a trip I went on June 2019.  

That particular morning was dedicated to a hike that would lead me to a secluded beach. I woke up, had my coffee, and headed out the door to meet my hiking guide. Bag packed and camera ready, we were swiftly on our way! It was a beautiful summer day and the mild sun was very welcomed. 

Being the cautious gal that I can be, when we pulled up to the parking lot of the trail entrance, I was the first to think out loud that we were in the wrong place. An abandoned house? Overgrown grass? Deserted carrot and melon crop fields? I think not! But there we were, at the right place, my guide eager to hike to the most secluded and breathtaking beach! So I marched along just a few steps behind him, snapping away with my camera in one hand and constantly looking over my shoulders to make sure no one came after us. Did I mention I can be overly cautious? 

A few steep up hills later and only a couple of “are we there yet” groans, we reached the most breathtaking beach I had seen in my entire life! Just as I was about to give up and suggest we turn back around, but there it was. Miles and miles of open ocean space. Untouched. Undisturbed. Unreal. I felt like I had just walked into a page of a travel magazine I had grown up looking through with such admiration. So much water. So many shades of blue and teals and whites. I kept thinking, “how is this real? Where the heck had I been hiding?” So much beauty that I couldn't find enough words to articulate. 

After spending about 20 to 30 min of geeking out and taking way too many photos, it was time to swim in the beautiful ocean. It was so surreal! No one in sight for miles and miles. Just me and the guide. No passerby, no houses, just the earth to your left and the water to your right. I dunked my head in the water, doggie paddled, giggled to myself, and tried my best to take it all in. It was a hike and swim you can never forget if you tried.

I share this photograph with you so that every time you see it, you are reminded of all the beauty our planet has. So that you can feel complete bliss and relaxation. I want to share the beauty of this beach with you so can plan a trip like this soon, or re-live a trip similar to the one I took. One client bought a print of this photo because she spent a few years of her early childhood living in Bermuda and it reminded her of those times and of her father who had passed away many many years ago. So I hope that this photograph brings you some kind happy memory, some kind of happy feeling. 

With so much Love and Appreciation , 

Eunice Crespo

Beach art

'Bermudaful Beach' from the Bermuda Gallery

Behind the scene art

A selfie shortly after I finally reached the beach!

beach art

'Beach Grass' from the Bermuda Collection